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H2A Africa is an exciting co-created partnership between Harvard HealthLab Accelerators (H2A) and Smart Africa, an organization that embodies a commitment from African heads of state and government to accelerate sustainable development. In collaboration with H2A, Smart Africa has gathered a cohort of young social entrepreneurs from across the continent. We are also working with Avencion, a firm based in Zambia that has extensive experience in technology for development. Together, our joint H2A Africa team matches the 10-team cohort with a mentor and provides workshops and support as they prepare to pitch their ideas to stakeholders at the Transform Africa Summit, Africa's leading annual forum bringing together leaders from government, business, and international organizations.

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From Tunisia - A high-precision connected device in the form of a patch that allows real-time monitoring of the ECG—heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation. Enables detection and prediction of cardiovascular complications using AI and alerts the healthcare provider, patient, and family

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From Zambia - An AI-powered marketplace for pharmaceutical products to improve access to medicines across Africa by ensuring health facilities and community pharmacies can order available and affordable medicines from trusted wholesalers and manufacturers in a streamlined supply chain.

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From Ethiopia - A digital health platform to address healthcare gaps in Ethiopia through telemedicine, an e-pharmacy, ambulance services, and professional training for healthcare professionals. OMS strives to make healthcare services more efficient and inclusive while improving quality of care.


Diabete Control

From Burkina Faso - An app for tracking and managing the condition of people with diabetes by improving the self-monitoring and self-management capabilities of the diabetic to reduce the risks of complications and provide a tool that helps the user and doctor make informed care decisions.



From Guinea - A mobile and web app that connects patients with certified pharmacies and doctors to facilitate healthcare for patients in Guinea. It shares the cost and availability of medicines and doctors located in the geographic area of the user to improve health and well-being and ease of access.

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From Nigeria - A mobile app that provides drug rehabilitation support and resources, including a virtual committee and therapist sessions with accredited doctors. RelapSafe leverages technology to create an accessible and personalized recovery journey and redefine the standard of care.

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Dope Initiatives

From Rwanda - A gamified platform called Keza Game Quiz that educates young people about comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and contributes to ending period poverty. It empowers and educates young people and combats a sharp increase in teen pregnancies and HIV infections.


Med Chain

From Nigeria - A comprehensive health records database that promotes accessibility to patient information, increases accuracy in disease incidence recording and monitoring, and enhances accessibility to healthcare specialists in Africa as one solution to the continent’s healthcare challenges.

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Timoya Farms

From Ghana - A rice processing system that improves the quality and nutritional value of rice using clean energy and a circular economy model. It uses an innovative approach that both empowers small farmers and enables sustainable farming practices for the long-term health of the environment.


Women's Wellness

From Ethiopia - A medical facility in Ethiopia that provides female-focused and personalized care, telehealth services, educational workshops, and collaborates with healthcare providers for comprehensive care that is designed to mitigate gender gaps in healthcare and challenges harmful stereotypes.

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